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  • Loaded (Director), Malthouse Theatre


  • Merciless Gods (Director-Remount), Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne

  • The Happy Prince (Director-Remount), Griffin Theatre Company

  • Daddy (Director), Yirramboi Festival Arts House, Live Works Performance Space, Brisbane Festival

  • The AI Party (Collaborating Director), Triage Live Art Collective

  • Suspiria De Profundis (Director and Creator), In Development, Brunswick Mechanics Institute


  • Abigail's Party (Director), Sumner Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company

  • The Nightingale and the Rose (Director), Theatre Works

  • Suddenly Last Summer (Director), Red Stitch Actor's Theatre


  • The Happy Prince (Creator and Director), La Mama/Midsumma Festival/Little Ones Theatre

  • Playing to Win (Director), The Arts Centre/Midsumma Festival

  • The Moors (Director), Red Stitch Actor's Theatre

  • Merciless Gods (Director), Darebin Arts Speakeasy/Griffin Theatre Company

  • Di and Viv and Rose (Assistant Director to Marion Potts), Sumner Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company

  • Ash Flanders is Nothing (Director), Hare Hole, Hares & Hyenas


  • Dangerous Liaisons (Director- On Tour), Melt Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, Little Ones Theatre

  • Dangerous Liaisons (Director- On Tour), Theatre Works

  • Playing To Win (Director), Melbourne Cabaret Festival/Ash Flanders

  • Double Indemnity (Assistant Director to Sam Strong), Playhouse, Melbourne Theatre Company


  • Meme Girls (Co-Creator and Director), Beckett Theatre, Malthouse Theatre

  • Dracula (Creator and Director), Theatre Works/Little Ones Theatre

  • Special Victim (Director-On Tour), Adelaide Cabaret Festival

  • Dangerous Liaisons (Director-On Tour), Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin Festival/Little Ones Theatre

  • Merciless Gods (Director and Adaptation), In Development, Little Ones Theatre


  • Dangerous Liaisons (Director), Lawler Studio, Melbourne Theatre Company, Neon Festival of Independent Theatre

  • The House of Yes (Director), Theatre Works

  • Special Victim (Director), Hares & Hyenas/Ash Flanders


  • Psycho Beach Party (Director and Tour Director), Theatre Works/Little Ones Theatre/Midsumma, Brisbane Festival

  • Salome (Director), The Tower, Malthouse Theatre, Helium

  • Special Victim (Director), Adelaide Feast Festival/Ash Flanders


  • Psycho Beach Party (Director), Rock Surfers Theatre Company/Little Ones Theatre

  • sex.violence.blood.gore (Director), MKA/Rock Surfers Theatre Company

  • Negative Energy Inc. (Director), Theatre Works/Midsumma/Ash Flanders

  • Happy Ending (Assistant Director to Susie Dee), Lawler Studio, Melbourne Theatre Company

  • Two by Two (Director), fortyfive downstairs


  • Women of Troy (Director), Cellblock Theatre

  • Suddenly Last Summer (Director), Cellblock Theatre

  • Pictures of Bright Lights (Director), Rock Surfers Theatre Company


  • Home Economics (Director), The Store Room/Little Ones Theatre

  • Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd (Assistant Director to Chris Kohn), Malthouse Theatre/Arena Theatre Company

  • The Children's Bach (Assistant Director to Chris Kohn), Chambermade Opera


Besen Family Artist Program, Malthouse Theatre, 2009

Play King Asia/Australia Cultural Fund, 2015

Green Room Award Nominations (Personal and Projects Directed By)

  • Best Director (The Happy Prince)- WON

  • Best Director (The Moors)

  • Best Director (Dracula)

  • Best Director (Psycho Beach Party)

  • Best Production (The Moors)

  • Best Production (The Happy Prince)

  • Best Production (Merciless Gods)

  • Best Performer (Merciless Gods)- WON

  • Best Performer (The Nightingale and the Rose)

  • Best Female Performer (The Moors)

  • Best Writing (Merciless Gods)- WON

  • Best Set and Costume Design (The Happy Prince)- WON

  • Best Lighting Design (The Nightingale and the Rose)

  • Best Lighting Design (The Happy Prince)

  • Best Sound Design (The Happy Prince)

  • Best Sound Design (Suddenly Last Summer)

  • Best Lighting Design (The Moors)

  • Best Lighting Design (Suddenly Last Summer)

  • Best Ensemble (Psycho Beach Party)

  • Best Female Performer (Psycho Beach Party) - WON

  • Best Set and Costume Design (Meme Girls)

  • Best Lighting Design (Meme Girls)- WON

  • Best Female Performer (sex.violence.blood.gore)

  • Best Sound Design and Composition (sex.violence.blood.gore)

  • Best Writing for Cabaret (Special Victim)- WON

  • Best Artiste for Cabaret (Ash Flanders is Nothing)

  • Best Artiste for Cabaret (Special Victim)

  • Best Artiste for Cabaret (Playing to Win)- WON

  • Best Writing for Cabaret (Playing to Win)- WON

  • Best Production for Cabaret (Playing to Win)

Education and Training

Director’s Lab, Lincoln Center New York City, 2019

National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Directing, 2010

The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Creative Arts, 2008

Teaching Artist

Victorian College of the Arts, Design Realisation Guest Director and Lecturer (Design), 2018, 2019

Monash University, Centre of the Theatre and Performance, Tutor (Directing and Dramaturgy), 2019

Monash University, Bachelor of Performing Arts, Guest Lecturer and Tutor (Directing), 2015-2018

Monash University, Bachelor of Arts, Making Performance, Lecturer and Subject Coordinator, 2018

Queering the Stage, Western Edge Youth Arts, Workshop and Teaching Artist, 2018

Queer Theatre Practice, Theatre Works, Workshop and Teaching Artist, 2018

Arts Centre Melbourne, Little Ones Theatre Workshop, Teaching Artist and Facilitator, 2017

Director’s Lab, Melbourne Festival, Guest Artist, 2017

St Martin's Youth Arts Centre, Summer Workshop (Directing), 2016

YGLAM, Teaching Artist and Director, 2016

RMIT, Teaching Artist and Director, 2015